If you are going to LTV Conf and want to chat about tech, please say hi.

image of cat cartoon waving to say hi

I received a scholarship to attend LTV Conf, and I’m looking forward to attending next month. The conference brings together leaders from the SaaS industry to share ideas about marketing, scaling, tech and entrepreneurship. I found out about the scholarship through Diversify Tech’s newsletter, and I applied knowing that it would be a cool opportunity to learn more about the SaaS industry.

As a freelance software developer, I enjoy solving technical problems in my daily work. At LTV Conf, I’d like to learn more about solving business problems.

Here are some things I’m excited about:

Where’s the talent?

I’m looking forward to the talk by Kathryn Minshew, founder of The Muse, who is speaking about how companies can attract and retain millenial talent. The Muse is a product that I’ve used a lot in the past as I’ve navigated a non-linear career trajectory (from teaching to nonprofits to software engineering). She also has a background in nonprofit work, so it’s cool to see how she applies a mission-driven mindset to helping companies solve people problems.

What is startup life like without VC capital?

I’m also looking foward to the panel with Greg Smith, CIO at TIMIA Capital and Einar Vollset, General Partner at TinySee. They will discuss how to build a high growth company by funding the business through product revenue instead of VC capital. Recently, I’ve read articles on Hacker News and in the New York Times about startup founders choosing not to set themselves on the VC funding path because it wasn’t the best approach for their companies.

How can companies navigate social debt?

Finally, I’m looking forward Natalya Sverjensky talk about something I’ve never heard of: social debt. I enjoy trying to understand people and team dynamics, and I’m interested in learning about how startups can ensure their teams scale alongside the product.