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Adventures in Learning Full Stack Web Development

I'm Going to LTV Conf

I received a scholarship to attend LTV Conf, and I’m looking forward to attending next month. The conference brings together leaders from the SaaS industry to share ideas about marketing, scaling, tech and entrepreneurship. I found out about the scholarship through Diversify Tech’s newsletter, and I applied knowing that it would be a cool opportunity to learn more about the SaaS industry.

Filth Finder: React Hooks Rewrite

Have you ever walked around NYC looking for a place to eat? Have you ever wished there was a way to find the health inspection info for restaurants near you? Well, now you can do that using Filth Finder, a React app with a Rails backend. This application fetches data from the NYC Open Data API. I recently took the opportunity to rewrite one of the components using React Hooks! This post will provide a brief overview of the app and explain how I migrated to hooks.

JavaScript ES6+ Symbols

In the last post, we learned that we can access the index of an array in the modern for...of loop by using the entries() iterator which implements a method of the new primitive type Symbol. You are probably familiar with the older primitive types: undefined, null, boolean, Number, String, and Object. Symbol is a new primitive type! What can Symbols be used for?

JavaScript ES6+ for loop

When I started learning JavaScript, ES8 was already released, and I was initially pretty confused about the difference between the older style versus the ES6+ style. Once I started picking up the language, it became easier to recognize and appreciate how ES6 made many aspects of JavaScript not only more readable, but also easier to maintain. For this post, let’s take a closer look at the traditional versus the modern for loop.

Binding the Index in React

I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been solving programming problems for work now, and I’m not yet sure how to translate those to blog posts. With some time off for the holidays, I was fortunate enough to dive back into React. While I don’t use this particular library for work, I find building anything with JavaScript improves my overall frontend toolbox.