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Details Oriented

You don’t need JavaScript to implement a dropdown. You can create an accessible dropdown using just the html <details> element. This post will cover how I implemented a dropdown menu for an app I recently created called Congress Connect. I first learned about this element at a BrooklynJS meetup almost a year ago. There was a really cool talk, and the slides are excellent, and I highly recommend reading them if you are interested in learning more than this post covers.

Geocoding with NYC's GeoClient API

Filth Finder is an application that loads NYC restaurants near you and allows you to view health inspection violations at each restaurant. One problem that had to be solved when developing Filth Finder was how to calculate the distance between the user and all of the amazing restaurants NYC has to offer. The NYC Open Data API provided the addresses for each restaurant, but Filth Finder needed the geolocation of those restaurants. Fortunately, NYC has a nifty GeoClient API that allowed for geocoding the restaurant locations.

I'm Going to LTV Conf

If you are going to LTV Conf and want to chat about tech, please say hi.

Filth Finder: React Hooks Rewrite

Have you ever walked around NYC looking for a place to eat? Have you ever wished there was a way to find the health inspection info for restaurants near you? Well, now you can do that using Filth Finder, a React app with a Rails backend. This application fetches data from the NYC Open Data API. I recently took the opportunity to rewrite one of the components using React Hooks! This post will provide a brief overview of the app and explain how I migrated to hooks.

A Brief Overview of JavaScript's New Primitive Type: Symbol

In the last post, we learned that we can access the index of an array in the modern for...of loop by using the entries() iterator which implements a method of the new primitive type Symbol. You are probably familiar with the older primitive types: undefined, null, Boolean, Number, String, and Object. Symbol is a new primitive type! What can Symbols be used for?