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Adventures in Learning Full Stack Web Development

Git or Treat

Git gets a lot easier the more you just dig in and use it. There’s an inflection point on learning anything, where you can move on from just the basic fundamentals of understanding something to understanding something so well that you can start to think more creatively while using the new skill. Think of each commit as a a friendly ghost that you can conjure up to learn about the code’s past. Stay with me here.

TDD: Is it worth it? Let me work it.

Writing tests before you develop may help you write better code. I didn’t understand the full extent of the benefits of TDD until I actually wrote tests myself and then incrementally wrote code based on those tests. This post will share how I got started writing tests in Rails. I will walk you through getting started by creating a simple Rails API and then writing a test that determines whether or not requesting a specific resource will result in rendering the data you want.

How Git Subtree Helped Me Deploy to Heroku

One thing to consider when you start developing an application is the organization of your git repos. Monorepo is an organization structure where all of your code is one repo, and multi-repo involves organizing code across multiple repos. When I built Greenthumb Gardens, I used something similar to the monorepo structure because I nested the client in a folder inside of the Rails API. Typically, monorepos are a bunch of different high level folders in the same repo.

Creating a Floating Cat in CSS

I recently took the plunge into learning CSS animations, and I’m so glad I did. I had so much fun learning how to add an animation to one of my cat illustrations, and I’m excited to share it. This post will explain the basics of CSS animations, as well as how to add a floating animation to an image.

JavaScript's Switch to the Rescue

Conditional statements (if...else) execute code if a condition is true. If the condition is false, another statement is executed. In JavaScript, you can also use a switch statement to evaluate multiple conditions against the same expression. This post will explain when you should use a switch and how it works.